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Sylas Dean - Agony
Sylas Dean - Agony

Sylas Dean – Agony

In his new pop song titled “Agony”, Los Angeles-based artist Sylas Dean has worked with groovy bass synths, lush vocals, and some familiar pop sounds, Influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner, Dean spent most of his teens studying and creating music in and around Connecticut.

What do I hear in “Agony”?

I’m first drawn to the vocals in the track because of how effortlessly Dean is singing, quite suitable for a track like this. The simplicity of the production and composition make this track easy to listen to. Imagine an American Mike Posner featuring on a not-too-overproduced The Chainsmokers song!

When compared to Dean’s EP, “American Dreaming” (released, 2021), the samples and sounds in “Agony” are a vast improvement. The thick bass in the drop along with the claps and percussion give the track its definition. Alan Walker’s power-pop recordings might come to mind.

Sylas Dean talks about heartbreak, love, and a lot of what’s in between. The lyrics are relatable and understandable, Dean is at his core a singer-songwriter for sure!

The track seems like an extension of Dean’s work from his EP and I recommend listening to some more of his stuff to appreciate his catchy sound. The singer records his vocals superbly and along with the rhythm section this track is quite club-friendly as well.

Also worth a mention, the cover art is very vivid and jumps out at you right away!

Listen to “Agony” by Sylas Dean on Spotify.

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