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LHO – “Hun.”

If Halsey had a twin sister with an appealing voice just like hers, we’d get really close to Boston, MA-based singer-songwriter, LHO. Her latest single, titled, “Hun.” is a pop song featuring mellow beats, soothing vocals, and has a very chill vibe. Ariana Grande, Fletcher, and Jojo are among LHO’s influences, and we can hear some of their sound on “Hun,” as well as LHO’s unique flavor.

The song starts with the sound of a cheering crowd that gets a lid put on it after LHO’s melodious vocals and a catchy guitar riff comes in. Right from the first verse, it sounds like she is singing to her former partner, at least that’s what it seems like from the lyrics. LHO is taking a stand in this song and we can get a taste of her confidence from the line, “yeah, I’ve got what I need and I’m good with that” – LHO is confident and is singing with an optimistic passion in “Hun.”

The additional ear candy in various places is such a joy to listen to! Just small things like the sound of the telephone ring after the line, “I’m not trying to call you up..”, go a long way for the listener because of how much more relatable it makes the track. Although there aren’t that many elements in this track, those that are present are processed really well. The automation of the guitar in different sections keeps the track moving, especially in the part with the additional vocals; they are not overdone at all and is very well arranged.

LHO’s mellifluous singing is the highlight of “Hun.” – her vocals span a few octaves; she hits both the low and high notes with such ease! Sounds very natural and full.
This is the third release by LHO this year. Do check out her other fantastic singles “Exposure” and “The Butterfly Effect”, you will not regret it!

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