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The Train Rockers - Munich
The Train Rockers - Munich

Experience The Train Rockers’ Sentimental Sonic Prism with “Munich”

The Train Rockers is a German alt-rock and indie band founded with the intention of spreading faith, love, and hope to their listeners. Founded in 2015, each performance, be it on streets, the subways, and even jails influenced and shaped their sound and style. The content and emotion of the songs are sourced from the stories and anecdotes that were told to them during their tour of Germany’s drug dens, Grafton Street, Dublin, and prisons across Munich, Bavaria, and Austria. This allowed the members to reconcile their diverse cultures and musical backgrounds to form a unified group with a memorable style. The Train Rockers have just released their debut EP, The Black Sheep, featuring a track that pays homage to the city in which it all started, Munich. 

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The band’s style can be characterized by their electric riffs, hard-hitting beats, and soulful vocals. And the track Munich is a beautiful representation of their artistic style and vision. Its canvas swells with soaring melodies and uplifting baritones. Gloomy bass lines glint from underneath with touching nostalgia. With these elements simultaneously ricocheting from a bed of energetic beats, an angular prism of sentimental sonics illuminates the bond between the band and the place.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Munich from The Black Sheep EP by the Train Rockers here – 

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