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Certain - It's Alright
Certain - It's Alright

Certain – It’s Alright | Comforting

Certain is a musical collective that features various artists in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. The group features a very talented lineup with two songwriters (Algar/Nicholas), numerous vocal talents, and Gavin Monaghan (producer). While most collectives tend to lean one way or the other with their talent, Certain gives everyone a chance. Their music is sure to get you in touch with your emotional side. Moreover, they exhibit so many interesting sonic qualities in their music. With varied sounds and different ideas that come together the collective creates a lovely blend for your ears.

Their latest single, It’s Alright, also their third studio single is a sweet little number. The song seems to make everything feel all right. The song is extremely comforting with each element adding warmth and wholesomeness to the atmosphere. Amara Latchford does a brilliant job at leading the vocal work on this project with her comforting and strong vocals. Moreover, the instrumental is groovy and makes everything feel positive and good. I find that this track is one of those indie tracks that you could play at any point in time and still have a good time. Whether you’re down in the dumps or over the moon, It’s Alright.

Certain is the collective to reshape what collaborative music is like for us all. Their music is wholesome, grand, and full of spirit.

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