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Joe Kenney – Prevailing
Joe Kenney – Prevailing

Joe Kenney – Prevailing | Compelling Story

Prevailing is the latest instrumental single by Philadelphia pianist Joe Kenney in collaboration with violinist Hope Linton. Joe’s music traverses genres such as jazz fusion, rock, soul, and hip-hop. He has had some stunning original compositions along with covers of popular tracks. He has released five albums so far and the span of his work is awe-inspiring.

The song begins with some piano and a violin playing a melancholic musical section. While it contains melancholy it also seems to express turmoil and struggle. This finally exudes a glimmer and wail for hope. While Hope on the piano takes a lead voice of expression role in the song, Joe Kenney with his virtuosic playing lays not only the harmonic and rhythmic groundwork and foundation but also works as a melodic counterpoint in its own right. As the song progresses, the violin becomes more and more expressive, conveying a sense of unrest. The piano acts as frenetic and intense, driving the song forward with a sense of urgency. Amazing work by Joe Kenney and Hope Linton!

A soft and contemplative piano rhythm, accompanied by the mournful violin line adds to the sense of melancholia. There is a drop of salvation that shines through as the violin and piano come together in a moment of unity and harmony. As the song reaches its climax, the harmonic unity becomes more triumphant culminating in a sense of renewal. Overall, the song is a powerful and emotive journey that takes the listener on an exhilarating musical journey of emotional expression. With two instruments alone, some really stunning storytelling using the contemporary classical idiom has been performed by Joe Kenney and Hope with Prevailing.

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