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Fae – Bad Trip | Appealing Sonic Space

Fae, a Los Angeles-based musician, has just released a new song called ‘Bad Trip‘, which completely engulfs you in its ambiance. With such a great vocal delivery and superb songwriting, the song has all the makings of a huge success. The music is given a thorough character with the proper mix, and the production backs it up completely. The song shows a conflict within her that is extremely realistic and offers us accurate imagery of the entire situation. There are tones of intense colours that are enthralling to stare at. The vocal delivery adds a lot to the atmosphere. The performance has to have a lot of steady power throughout, which is a big part of keeping us interested in the music.

For me, the opening 8 bars are the most enticing since they sound so inviting with only the pads generating the ambience and the groove pushing you deeper into the song. The groove is quite solid. This adds a lot to the pulse and gives you a lot of energy. The muted guitars and various guitar layers help to keep the passages interesting. Overall, the production team did a fantastic job. I also believe that the mix did the best for the song, and that it was essential in giving us the correct feeling and impression of the song. I am confident that everyone who listens this piece of music will thoroughly immerse themselves in the ambiance.

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