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Aves - Jaguar
Aves - Jaguar

Aves – Jaguar | Swirling Synth Maze

Aves is a synth-pop, dance group band from Helsinki are back with Jaguar, featuring the vocals of Charlotta Kerbs in an iconic space synth-pop-groove. The band, formed by Eino Anttila, Antti Ojala and Joonas Hakava create music that engender trippy visuals in the listeners. Their debut album “Sun Sky a Floating” in 2013 had an expansive international effect.

The band instantly gets into the song right off the bat. With no transitionary flows, the song feels as though it is magically pulled out of thin air. The synthetic vocals swish across the song with broad smooth strokes of rainbow technicolor. Reminiscent Tame Impala, the song is generously layered with synth melodies and harmonies that imprisons you in a musical kaleidoscope.

With fun dance beats, the song is lined with electric guitar melodies. It grounds and powers the Kerbs’ fluffly vocals that bloom like white clouds against the starry synth skies. The double vocals reflect each other endlessly like images in a parallel mirrors; to lend the song a depth that you can get lost in. Like a maze, you can explore the swirling synth passages of the song, duped by its vocal harmonies and fading walls of melodies.

The track has a way of fogging and clearing your head at the same time. With the freshness of a winding mountain road mixed with the mystery and the dark mountain forests, the song percolates with the cold heat of a black fire.

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Listen to Jaguar by Aves here –

Aves – Jaguar

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