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StarAV - Endless
StarAV - Endless

StarAV – Endless | Calm

StarAV is a producer, singer-songwriter and digital designer from Australia. He creates Ambient Pop tracks that can set you into a daze. While he has a rather extensive discography, he has also collaborated with various artists with amazing talent. Moreover, StarAV is a part of the Nondescript Music Group that has allowed him to create music with other individuals including kirk, who created the instrumental for his latest single, Endless. With atmospheric tenderness and a dreamy, ethereal sound, he has created a song that soothes the soul.

Endless is a tender track with the most dreamy tones ever. The instrumental is extremely light and gives a load of space for StarAV to work with. The light textures are extremely enthralling and add this contrast to the vocal work. Additionally, the song makes you feel like you’re caught in a daze of your own, entranced by everything you hear. The vocals on this track are mellow, calming and relaxed. Moreover, they offer you a safe space to sit with your emotions as you feel each of them come and go. However, this track does such a great job at helping each emotion pass with how light and easy the song is.

StarAV and kirk have collaborated to create a track with so much substance to it. I find that his music can engross you and help cathart at the same time.

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