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Cris Cap & Tyla Raé - Feel The Love
Cris Cap & Tyla Raé - Feel The Love

Cris Cap & Tyla Raé – Feel The Love

German-based singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, composer, and artist, Cris Cap makes specialized blends of R&B, jazz-pop, and soul that are reminiscent of Tom Misch’s eclectic neo-soul and funk-jazz style. His chillwave, lo-fi music have a smooth and mellow temperament. In his new EP, Feel The Love, Cris Cap collaborates with British singer, Tyla Raé to craft mellifluous flows that paint the world red.

The EP is a conversational piece containing four songs where Cap and Raé mine the complexities and uncertainties of relationships using relatable lyrics and chill melodies. Feel The Love is paired with its redux version and Like a Rose with its acoustic version to create a four track EP. Let’s dive into it without delay and unpack its beauty!

Feel The Love – Redux Version opens the EP. Drenched in blue jazz, Raé’s expressive vocals falls like nostalgic rain. Darting points of melody casts a kaleidoscopic sheen as Cap’s baritones texturize the soft skin of the soundscape. Reminiscent of the romance of a dreamy night sky, the warm cascades of jazz melodies disperses a love spell in the atmosphere. The song illuminates the wisps of joy in the swirling breeze and wills you to dance with the leaves. A full-on feel good track that instantly uplifts your mood and puts a skip in your step. Baby can you feel the love?

The next track is Feel The Love, the original version With sharper musical textures, the artist adorns this track with mellow rock flourishes. The molten tongues of guitar melodies snake through the soundscape with a cozy, illuminating warmth. The use of the guitar points to the deeper feelings of love and an intense romance that makes the heart ache. L

Like a Rose – Acoustic Version is a soul exposition. The pronounced use of poetry and the emphatic passion in the vocals are beautifully outfitted in a radiant jazz-funk apparel. The glassy melodies glint with magical emotions. Their delicate timbre matched only by the tenderness of the evocative vocals. And with the jazz accents twining and twirling within the soundscape, the bubble of happiness becomes bigger and bigger. Can you feel the love grow?

In the next song, we see Like a Rose accentuated by a beat structure. Its pockets of rhythm seemingly adds a new dimension to the song. Its arrangement strings the whole song together as it strengthens the beaming melodies and punctuates the vocals.

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