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“Nikolas Ferreira (Passinho Do Nik)” – Will Lisil: Festive House

South American music has always been known for the festive vibe it has carried– from the traditional music of Peru to the chart-toppers coming out of Brazil, there is one thing that unites them all – the high-on-life, electric energy associated with all of them. “Nikolas Ferreira (Passinho Do Nik)” is one such release by UK-based producer Will Lisil; and here are my thoughts.

True to Latin music, the whole song is upbeat and is sure to lift your energy up to add a quick zest to your day. The production, the lyricism, as well as the whole energy of the song manages to sound coherent, and that is a great– yet crucial– thing when it comes to a song like this.

The lyrics constantly beckon the listener to get up and dance, and manage to get even the most sedentary listener up and grooving– albeit even if in their seats, but it works. The instrumentation is tastefully chosen, and is representative of the sound shift that the whole Latin pop industry is going through, on a whole, and is a treat to listen to. The percussion, as well, plays a rather important part, with the sound design choice and the way to stitch them together being very up there in terms of quality and elegance of execution.

There is a lot to like about the track in terms of the mix as well– as is representative of a good mix, all instruments present are awarded their space, and they sit firmly in the view of the listener, clearly so, such that the listener may choose to focus on one part of the organised chaos, so to speak.

With “Nikolas Ferreira (Passinho Do Nik)”, Will Lisil brings a banger to the stage. Check it out here!

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