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Mass Experience - Rise Up
Mass Experience - Rise Up

Mass Experience – Rise Up | Sonic Ethereality

Mass Experience is a four-headed project based in Australia. The group consists of producers Katie M Little, Timothy Poulton, Chris Hammer-Smith and mastering engineer The Nocturnal Owl. With a desire to recreate the rave scene with some Indie vibes and 60s-inspired electronica, the group is insane. Little and Poulton also write the tracks and sing and play the guitar, respectively. The music that they create is, certainly, unique and inspiring. Moreover, they work collaboratively and are always open to more collaborations.

Their single, Rise Up, is a part of their upcoming project for which they’ve released another promotional single, Visions. The track features a pretty phat and heavy bass that leads the song into some pretty groovy drums. The percussions are a joy to listen to while the melodies and counter-melodies play on each other. The different sounds that you hear guide you through this exciting atmosphere of sonic brilliance. There’s an air of dreaminess and ethereality to the track. Moreover, the Mass Experience sound seems to take you to another dimension altogether. The beats allow you to move in any capacity and at your own pace. Dynamically, this track is a whole class apart. I’m in complete awe of everything.

I’d say that Mass Experience knows how to create a vibe that allows you to move more efficiently. The group creates a psychedelic experience with an indie-dream-pop sound and the perfect rave experience. I’d love to watch these guys perform live if I had the chance. However, don’t just take my word for it.

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