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Frog Throat-Women's Jeans
Frog Throat-Women's Jeans
Frog Throat-Women's Jeans

Frog Throat-Women’s Jeans | Don’t dig deeper

Frog Throat is a bands name to incur an understandable reaction. After you feign your initial surprise after hearing the name weighed with all that you’ve witnessed from the internet, we’ll move on. They lean into absurdism, looking for kooky topics that bands won’t hit because the relatability meter doesn’t work. Women’s Jeans is their new single.

Crane Song (Ver. 1) was their first single earlier this year. Using odd time and even odder lyrics, Frog Throat progress to create a rhythmically sound but lyrically unheard formula. Get over the initial adjustment window, and you’ll actually enjoy what they’ve done. The indie/folk rock band use simple choruses and simple chord changes. However, you’ll find their sound pretty easily in a playlist. Search for women’s jeans and daddy’s shoes. If you know, you know.

A bit of Tenacious D maybe, and some parts Oasis. Their Wonderwall might be about the one in their backyard, but the pleasure is in not knowing. With two tracks out and hopefully many more to come, respect this single for what it is. That Instagram video on your feed that you love, get addicted to and never find again. Don’t worry about this group though. They’ll find you.

Listen to their cheery song here:

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