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Arrays-Forget Fast
Arrays-Forget Fast
Arrays-Forget Fast

Arrays-Forget Fast | The sound in birth and decay

Arrays is the creative brainchild of Auckland based performer and producer JP Carroll. His eclectic mix of genres create for explosive, unexpected sounds and melodies, and he wears them like a crown. With several singles and album releases, his passion project grows exponentially with every release. This is his latest single, Forget Fast.

This number has nu-metal being redefined in new ways. This single is a hard-hitting gut demolisher, but it feigns its way in. Flowing between hip-hop beats and even the frivolous lightness of pop, Arrays threads through whatever it might take. As expected, some transitions bear the brunt, and some glide by masterfully. With an eclectic chorus and energized voice that yearns blood and rage-Arrays is what the humanoid version of metal might sound like. A precarious silence always prefixes a deafening explosion. Like a war of notes in our ears.

Utilizing breaks to enter the threshold and immediately jump out, the element of surprise is key. Threading in and out of different melodies, this song will make you wonder if your memory is right. From Center of the Earth to Dead Sea and Ain’t No Sunshine, the heavy and the light always unite in Arrays stellar music. Listen to the latest single here:

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