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Down South Pepper Band-Boots And Overcoat
Down South Pepper Band-Boots And Overcoat
Down South Pepper Band-Boots And Overcoat

Down South Pepper Band-Boots And Overcoat | The outlaw’s whistle

You need your dose of Wild West blues. You’ve exhausted your Ennio Morricone collection. Is there a band now that will take you back more than 2 centuries by pure feel alone? That was a rhetorical question, the answer is Down South Pepper Band. They are a duo that play Americana and outlaw country music. Boots and Overcoat is their 2017 single, but transcends time.

With just an acoustic and barebones beat, the duo from Norway create much more sound than seems possible. Beginning with a flute and acoustic combo, they drive in the lyrics early and sing about an elusive fisherman that went to sea everyday, in his boots and overcoat. Telling you a synopsis here is futile, try to enjoy the track like me with a smile on your face.

The duo feature several guest musicians in their songs, which bring the devilishly simple layers that make the song so addictive. The complementary voices do a great deal for their unique sound, with a rough baritone register and the higher harmony notes. The song is a pretty straightforward narrative, and read those two words separately. A tale is being told with a poetic nonchalance that pivots the song on a balance beam of notes and verses. They have released several singles throughout the years. Check out Down South Pepper Band (DSP Band) on Spotify to hear more of their very interesting track rooted in country musicality.

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