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Tritonic - Algae Bloom
Tritonic - Algae Bloom

Tritonic – Algae Bloom | True Experimentalism

Experimental hardcore outfit from the United Kingdom, Tritonic, is here to take you on an adventure with their latest EP, Algae Bloom. While the band play experimental music, they throw in a little bit of Pop and Indie to soothe your soul. With an intriguing sound that keeps you engaged at every moment, their latest EP is certainly worth listening to. From the first note to the last one, I promise you’ll be entertained throughout the masterpiece. While each track is rather short, the entire EP spans over 11 minutes of chaos and comfort.

The titular track, Algae Bloom, kicks off the album on an expressionist note by filling your senses with so many sounds. It reminds me of Oasis’ earlier tracks from (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory. I’m, particularly, intrigued by the overall sound that Tritonic achieves from the synth to the explosive drums. However, the vocal work really gets me going with every single phrase seeping into and complimenting the song’s sound.

Moving on to Roof to a Field, we have a track that starts off with a more melancholic tone. Once the song gets going though, it does not hold back. Tritonic really gets that Emo Punk vibe right with every tone washing over you. Also, it is even more amusing that they use tritones with such ease. The tritones that would normally leave people feeling a little disturbed are actually quite comforting. Moreover, the band has a sort of early Fall Out Boy vibe going that really keeps things interesting. It is not very often that you can hear a band that makes dissonance sound so consonant.

Even on tracks like Dead By Thirty, you would think that Tritonic would shake things up a little more experimentally. What’s great is that they do experiment further, but deeper into the heavier side of things. If you were expecting something like King Gizzard, you’re not wrong in doing so but expect a lot more heavy music. That isn’t to say that they don’t have softer music, though. Deep River slows things down quite a bit with a groovy, phat bassline and much more discernible lyrics. This track compliments the heavy, hard-hitting songs that precede and follow it with such grace. The harmonies alone will melt your soul.

I Want You to Know moves back into that Tritonic sound with a synth that leaves you with chills and darker vocal textures. Moreover, the guitar riffs on this track remind me of Rage Against The Machine and Tom Morello’s unique sound. Similarly, Join The Union, takes things up a notch with some interesting drum grooves and a killer lead guitar. In fact, it has a similar vibe to that of The Smiths who were known for contrasting lyrics and melodies. This track is the perfect end to an ever-entertaining EP.

Tritonic surely knows what they’re doing with their experimental music and I don’t think I can stop listening to Algae Bloom. This EP seems like the perfect cornerstone for the band’s career and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. If you’re into experimental rock with a side of Pop and Indie, then this is the band for you.

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