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Echoplay's 'Change'
Echoplay's 'Change'
Echoplay's 'Change'

Echoplay’s ‘Change’ Is Stylish Alt Rock Debut

Netherlands indie rock band Echoplay’s debut track, aptly titled “Change,” is a vibrant testament to the band’s distinctive alternative rock. The band had its inception in the Dutch city of Utrecht in 2021, with the song being their debut release displaying their musical prowess.

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The song’s opening has the right dose of dynamics, with sharp yet subtle cymbals ushering in a steady rock beat that hooks you right from the start. As the melody unfolds, Echoplay’s signature touch becomes evident, as flanger-infused guitar rhythms interweave with fuzzy guitars, creating an irresistible sonic tapestry that envelops the listener.

In the bridge section, fascinating chord voicings blend seamlessly with a mesmerizing flanger guitar solo, showcasing their harmonic flavour. Dennis Reep’s vocals carry style, perfectly complementing the arrangement. Nafsika Kardomatea’s guitar work is innovative, while Damyana Stoyanova’s round basslines and Pepijn Eikelboom’s drumming provide a rock-solid foundation that keeps the song driving forward.

“Change” is a great indie rock song with an inventive sound that has a strong character and rests on a genuine rock musical core. This is leaving us eagerly anticipating their future releases!

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