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Gabriel Munoz – 1 2 Meny | Reviving

Gabriel Munoz, born and raised in East Los Angeles, approaches his music in a fun, upbeat manner and uses flirty lyrics and catchy tunes. His EP “Ride” really captures the west coast atmosphere. Gabriel aspires to create music for audiences that is both thrilling and uplifting, describing his style as “straight forward pop.” A dark club music with a frequency for the heartbroken, “Don’t Want Me,” from his most recent release, is a masterpiece. It’s easy to see his talent and passion for creating music.

Recently, Gabriel released a new single, ‘1 2 Meny.’ The track starts out really sweet, with the first few notes of the song being synths. ‘1 2 Meny’ grows on you before you even realize it. The vocals on this one are melodic and mature. Gabriel’s singing style is just heavenly! The song also has a great hook. It builds up to a beautiful momentum that makes you want to vibe along with the song from start to finish. I can’t help but sing along the lines “Still I Can’t Get Over You.” This song is one of those summertime jams. ‘1 2 Meny’ has an excellent intro and catchy lyrics that’ll get stuck in your head. You can listen to it when you want to celebrate a special occasion or when your day isn’t going well and you want to feel better, or if you would like to (everybody does, I know) beat your Monday blues. So crank up the volume and let the good vibes flow.

Enjoy listening to ‘1 2 Meny’ here.

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