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Melloflow Run Candyman, Run
Melloflow Run Candyman, Run

Melloflow – Run Candyman, Run | Trippy Astute

Australian dream pop musician Melloflow releases his latest single Run Candyman, Run with his signature psychedelic sound traced back to the British Invasion of the latter 1960s can be seen on this single. The Warrnambool artist Melloflow has roots lie in artists like the psychedelic era Beatles, Tame Impala, King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard, Gum, and Greenthief.

The song is written in the form of a rock nursery rhyme. It begins with an infectious riff and cascading drums. We hear the characteristic 60s mellotron organ sound on the track especially present at the end of the chorus. Bass, guitars, and drums are in tandem in the locking and grooving primary riff of the song. The track manages to be catchy while showing the right amount of eclectic nuances in its arrangement. It has the apt treatment of lavish rhythmic syncopation and jangle while the core melodies are tightly wound. While the setting isn’t supposed to be serious or as Melloflow terms it possibly a silly idea, the song is very mature in its treatment. The scope of the lyrics is something that can be open to interpretation being about a candyman boy giving out foul-tasting treats to kids.

Run Candyman, Run also has influences from Frank Zappa and one can’t stop thinking of Muffin Man and other quirky pieces from Zappa while listening to this song. The stunning drum work in the psychedelic blues rock style is reminiscent of Keith Moon from The Who and Ginger Baker from Cream. Melloflow has released an accompanying picture booklet with the song as well. Run Candyman, Run is a fun psychedelic rock with tight performances and an engaging arrangement.

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