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Ruiz!-One Rule
Ruiz!-One Rule
Ruiz!-One Rule

Ruiz!-One Rule | Rock reigns king

Ruiz! is in the know about what people like. They like variety and style, and an original approach. He’s travelled, toured, recorded and had a ball of a time to reach where he is today. A one-man army, he records everything you hear and presents it with precarious precision. This is his latest single, One Rule.

With a dominating bass line and hypnotic effects, the build is slow but makes sure it grasps the listener’s attention. There are moments where the track recedes into a dance beat with phasing effects. The vocals are supported with seconds almost all throughout the song, giving it a directional dimension with a lot of statement. Guitar sounds drone on through the song, taking apt breaks for capsule sized instrumental sections. An amalgam of industrial rock with Ruiz! dominating what are myriad ways of performing, this track is a summer hit that should be charting.

Falling and 5 Seconds have been two other singles he has released earlier this year. With his infallible attitude to making music and memories, his experience translates in these energy packed tracks. He explores effects and genres to create an interesting cocktail every time, for earworms that are memorable.

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