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Super Saiyan Jay – Let Them Be | Confident

The only thing better than the Florida-based rapper’s stage name – Super Saiyan Jay, are his insane, hard-hitting beats! The well-loved “Are We Clear” and “Demons and Monsters” creator is now out with his first single of 2022 titled “Let Them Be”. Featuring deep bass, boomy kicks, and addictive loops, the artist shares a solid beat over which he raps flawlessly with a smooth flow; it’s a must-have for your rap playlists!

“I got a shawty says she loves me, but I don’t feel the same”

Super Saiyan Jay, aka Jay, kicks off the track with a confident tone, rapping about what he’s learnt personally from a journey of self-introspection. He talks about two contrasting images that represent himself, and he does so very artistically in this latest release. With a smooth performance right from the start, Jay gets stays in the zone as he explores themes of peace and chaos as the track progresses.

“Swing your neck just like you stupid / We gon’ start another movement / Pick your battles carefully / You ain’t gon’ find no fear in me”

Jay comes off as someone who you wouldn’t wanna mess with, an artist that knows who he is and isn’t afraid of situations where there are differences of opinions. Even though he prefers to be on a more aggressive side, Jay understands that a certain balance is necessary to move ahead in some situations. With intricately written bars and a solid delivery style, Jay’s story is sure to keep you engaged and eager to hear more!

We had the opportunity to have a short interview with Jay, and here’s what he had to say about his latest single and his career so far:

1. “Let Them Be” is your first release of the year that features your raw-toned vocals excellently; a very well-written track that’s both hard-hitting and deep! What inspired you to write this record?

My inspiration for writing this record was to express the conflicts that I, “the artist” , am having. Everything from the lyrics, to the cover art all stem with meaning behind it. I’m going back and forth with choosing peace or chaos throughout the song. As the song continues, I’m leaning toward being more conflicting than peaceful. Based on the cover, it’s two images of me which represent a reflection of myself. The color pieces I wear have meaning behind them between red and blue. Red represents passion, temptation, and emotion. While Blue represents peace, serenity, and sensitivity.  Then on the center of the cover is an olive tree which is a symbol of peace, is being burned. I progress through the song as I claim a new regime of assertiveness and dominance. 

2. Hip-Hop/Rap tracks revolve around the iconic samples that are looped throughout, and “Let Them Be” has an infectious one that’s sure to keep the listeners engaged. What comes first when you write a track, the beat or the lyrics?

What comes to me when I write a track is a process of first finding the beat. I don’t write to it if it doesn’t spark inspiration. I allow my pen to flow when I write, I don’t force it. Once I find the beat I’m looking for, the rest is history as far as what I can creatively do with it. 

3. Florida is the home to some great rappers like the late XXXTENTACION, Kodak Black and T-Pain. Would you say that Super Saiyan Jay’s style is inspired by these artists, or does he have an entirely unique flow of his own?

I wouldn’t say that these artists specifically inspire me. However the influence and what they have brought to the culture of music is definitely an inspiration. Especially them being from Florida. It’s just motivation to create my own path and move the artistry forward. As far as my flow. I’m definitely inspired by the boom bap time of Hip-Hop and Rap. The lyricism aspect of my work is an important factor for me.  

4. If you had the chance to collaborate with any one artist on a remix version of “Let Them Be”, who would you choose and why?

Any one artist, I gotta go with my goat, Lil Wayne. I get a feature or a remix from him. I’ve solidified my mark in the game. I’m standing on that hill haha. 

5. With 4 tight singles out since 2019, the fans are surely eager to hear more from Jay soon. What can we expect from Jay in the near future?

Everyone can definitely expect more music coming this year. As a matter of fact, I have another song dropping next month. So be on the lookout for that. Plus a few more singles for the remainder of the year. Pressure, straight pressure.  

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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