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Martyn Scott’s I Really Do
Martyn Scott’s I Really Do
Martyn Scott - I Really Do

UK Based-Songwriter Martyn Scott’s I Really Do Will Indeed Find Its Place in Your Playlist of Favourite Songs

In the present day, it is quite a difficult task to find a song that sounds absolutely fresh and new, but at the same time, bears influence from the old school music. The latest single by Martyn Scott, I Really Do, is one such song where you will find out striking similarities with that of the music of legendary bands such as the Beatles or Dire Straits. Hailing from the beautiful town of Rotherham, the United Kingdom, Martyn Scott is a gifted singer-songwriter, music composer, and producer. Therefore all of his talents together add a touch of beauty and perfection to his music.

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I Really Do, Martyn Soctt’s latest single is a track whose composition makes you instantly attracted to it and you will surely find it difficult to resist the temptation of listening to it on a loop. The primary attraction of this track is the beautiful chord progression that goes on throughout the track over a straight, steady rhythm section from the drums and bass. Moreover, the vocal harmonies and the wonderfully composed guitar solo make their mark as the x-factor of the song. The overall mix, production, and composition of the track will enthrall any and every listener.

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So tune in to Martyn Scott’s I Really Do and enjoy this wonderful piece of music. You can listen to this track here:

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