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Craigology-Garden Tourist
Craigology-Garden Tourist
Craigology-Garden Tourist

Craigology-Garden Tourist | Walk through the verdure

You’ve just been given a special pass to enter a mystical garden. The plants, essences of nature inspire and serenade you. This isn’t a faction of the Shire. This is Craigology with his latest EP, Garden Tourist. It explores experimental sounds through an experienced music veteran’s lens. Let’s see what his green thumb does.

Evening Whispers opens the track, and is a perfect welcome drink. It has a soothing aura around it, which is accentuated by the excited play between the instruments. The brass is king for this track, the piano hopping merrily in the background. The track has an anticipatory melancholy with some notes, juxtaposed with the upbeat groove that dominates the track.

Yellow Croton personifies a gem from the floral world. The beauty is beyond words, so instruments might do justice. Here the intangible interacts with the undefinable, based on a Rasta groove. The choice of fusion in these tracks is interesting and apt, on paper this might never work. This is where Craigology has the mastery over execution. Blue River takes the many cuts, slices and routes a river takes in terms of unexpected flow. The track is unified by the guitar tone and ambience, reminiscent of its presence looming slightly on the track. The solo is especially gold class mastery. With few notes, a surprisingly wholesome arrangement is created.

Nature in dance

Fantasies from an Orchid is the extremely hallucinogenic theme of the vivid flower coming to life. Like an acid trip, it blends with the little fragments of reality that give you sanity. It has a recurring riff and synth core, however takes its own special routes with tones and styles.

Guava Jelly Jam has the funk and groove you’d expect from a title like that. The percussions keep the track fresh and alive, the tang is provided by the guitar on rhythm and lead. The piano keeps up with the peppy beat. This is one of my favourites in terms of transitions as well, effortlessly neat and suave. The piano is an essential bit in this track, watch out for the tight arrangement.

An Anchor in English Harbour closes out this album. It has an electronic spice unheard in any other track on this EP. It still keeps the groovy, organic theme of this project. The danceable, composite nature of this track and collection as a whole makes it work like a party album. It also has the dextrous compulsions of a composer laced in brilliantly.

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