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JusKolMeaL | Outside | Conscious | Hip Hop
JusKolMeaL | Outside | Conscious | Hip Hop

JusKolMeaL – Outside | Conscious

While rappers often work across artificial divides, fans can get a bit sanctimonious and dogmatic about whichever style it is that they prefer. Rap fans who identify with “conscious” rap often align themselves against pop. Historically, these fans regard the popularity of jiggy rap, or R&B crossover, or snap music, etc., as evidence of a conspiracy against “thoughtful” hip-hop. The conspiracy includes critics, who apparently favor “hip-pop” and “fast food” rap. These are two terms commonly used to deride contemporary music that might (God forbid) inspire anyone to dance.

Juskolmeal is a lyrical genius with a nice vivid delivery. His songs do have a pop hook but it just fits in so perfectly. ‘Outside’ is one of his few tracks that don’t have such a hook. He experiments with a grime hook for this track. Again, this single starts with the hook, presumably Al’s signature. He’s an up-and-coming charismatic MC, producer and apparently a DJ as well.

The hook has a very complex tongue twisting rhyme and just like any tongue twister, Juskolmeal rubs it in our faces by effortlessly repeating it with no hesitation. “Go straight to the top pop top now!”. Outside is a deep lyrical single about how to get to the top and stay there. I cant get the hook out of my head and it keeps playing in my head as I write this. Listening to his lyrics make you understand that Juskolmeal is actually a street smart rapper.  

“You the type to the buy the whole floor but we the type who buy the land!”

He is someone who knows what he’s doing on and off stage. Juskolmeal has something way more valuable than just money and fame, that comes only with time – ‘Wisdom’.

When I listen to “Outside”, I hear a ton of information about Juskolmeal’s mood and disposition, his inner life, his surroundings, and his circumstances. I hear a prayer for his boys back home, a literary perspective. I hear lyrics.

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