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sophia stephens - "remnantal"
sophia stephens - "remnantal"

Sophia Stephens’ “Remnantal” Is a Pop Journey Through Harmony and Depth

Meet Sophia Stephens, a 17-year-old independent singer-songwriter from Indiana. Sophia loves to compose songs since she enjoys an array of musical genres. She’s already written three albums and over 300 songs. Keep an eye out for further updates as Sophia expands her social media presence and adds new musical gems. We’re sure her harmonies will speak to you; don’t pass up the opportunity to follow her musical journey.  

Sophia Stephens has released her new EP “Remnantal,” which includes four compelling songs. The journey begins with the soothing and melody-driven “Shadowlit.” The interplay of keys and relaxing guitar riffs, together with Sophia’s expressive and deep vocals, offer musical relief for the soul. Her somber tone strikes a deep chord, eliciting an emotional response. Despite the sparse instrumentation, her vocal skill shines brightly, like a beautiful gem in the midst of minimalism.  

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“Submerge” utilizes a synth-driven approach, with the musical arrangement steadily rising, but the melody and pace remain fairly leisurely. The interplay of synths and guitar work takes center stage, but it never overshadows Sophia’s captivating vocals. The melody has a Disney movie-like beauty, with synths ebbing and flowing in delightful patterns. It’s an undeniably remarkable journey. After 2:50, the music takes a sharp turn that is both astounding and completely striking, provoking a true “WOW!” from within.  

“Never Spoke” has an indie-inspired ambiance that is well enhanced by the crisp and consistent cadence of drum rhythms that craft perfect harmony with Sophie’s vocal delivery. The song wants you to slow down, close your eyes, and gradually sway to the inviting rhythm, letting Sophie’s storytelling lead you through an incredible musical journey.   The song itself is a moving story of inner conflict and mental turmoil. It delves expertly into the complexity of a relationship tainted by hidden truths and contradicting emotions. Sophie’s vocals and the rhythmic accompaniment create a compelling mood that takes you into the protagonist’s world.  

The EP by Sophia Stephens concludes with “Familiar,” an excellent ending for the ep. The composition exudes grandeur, as the combination of keys, bass, and beats generates an extravagant musical environment that fascinates from beginning to end. The beat drops at 1:39 and 3:24 are beyond words – they will knock you off your feet. The addition of electronic elements offers an appealing twist to the composition.   Sophie’s vocal prowess is simply unmatched. Her singing has depth, emotion, and an evident passion that connects with listeners on a deep level. She effortlessly reaches out to capture your attention with each note. Listening to the song is like witnessing a mesmerizing drama unfold, leaving you awestruck throughout.

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Enjoy listening to “Remnantal” by Sophia Stephens here.

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