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Memoria D’Elefante-Guerra a 2
Memoria D’Elefante-Guerra a 2
Memoria D’Elefante-Guerra a 2

Memoria D’Elefante show us a rock core with their unique single, “Guerra a 2”

Memoria D’Elefante brings some electronic industrial rock to us. With this unique style, this entity might create one of the most unique amalgams of sound you have heard. The opening is an electric debut, a song they set the tone and style with, revolving around the alt-rock styles of the 90s. This is their first release, Guerra a 2.

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As a NIN fan, I could immediately connect to points where this song sounds like a B side in With Teeth. Choosing minimal elements, Memoria D’Elefante still brings enough tools in their bag for a riotous chorus part. The tonal shift is quick and changes with the style-almost as to show the entire spectrum of sound. As the unknown entity it might be, there is a lot of exploration of melody, tones and styles this single gives. It is a challenge to those who stick back and lay behind the same few genres. At the turn of the decade, they bring forward music that will be the fist of power and alternative rock in Portugal. Expect this to become a global phenomenon. 

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Though they have just released the one single, you can expect a lot more from Memoria D’Elefante. From Marilyn to Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails, there are a lot of derivatives making this powerful sound. Follow them for more music like this and listen to the demolition track here with us!:

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