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The Rapports - Alive | Exuberance
The Rapports - Alive | Exuberance

The Rapports – Alive | Exuberance

The Rapports is a British musical band of four brilliant artists who create music in the rock genre with major influences from the 90s and 00s musical era. They have garnered love from people because of their strong belief in their genre, how well they sustain it, and how well they stay true to their styles. Their recent single called Alive is quite a refreshment in so many ways. Let’s explore it.

Alive is a song that perfectly brings together various emotions; joy, tranquillity, exuberance, and vigour. With the perfect amount of upbeatness and craziness, Alive feels like a song you would want to listen to again and again. A perfect oomph is what this song provides you with. There are no dull parts in this track because it doesn’t leave any scope for improvement. Every part and every element has been well taken care of. The lyrics too, provide a whole other vibe to the track. Alive is a classic retro track with intense and rich 00’s rock elements. As soon as you play the start button you realise it is going to be a pompous affair. Rich tunes mixed with outstanding beats make the song a classic that you would want to visit again and again. All the rock lovers would find this track to be insanely devouring. 

Alive is a track that you would want to listen to if you want some energy in your day. 

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