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You'll See One Day-The Letter
You'll See One Day-The Letter
You'll See One Day-The Letter

You’ll See One Day-The Letter | Encore for the soul

Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage recently said in an interview that metalcore is saturated. The excitement is gone, he says. I’m paraphrasing, but I know he’s talking about the soul and intent of that genre. You’ll See One Day are this ominous message that returns from the darkness with their implosive, chimerical composition. This is The Letter.

It is a red letter for artists that are jaded with their genre for sure. After the release of their catchy new single Sober earlier this year, that layers the softness of the vocals with the abrasive nature of the instrumentals-they try something new. The Letter dives right into the riffs and layered string theory that they execute so well. The vocals are balanced, melodic and yearn for more than the right to be heard. They demand being felt. Using arpeggiated harmonics in the riffs, a resurgence of sorts is felt, like ABR’s album Constellations.

With four singles under the belt and a impressive album to come that they’re building with essential framework, they take this ride seriously. You’ll See One Day are the answer to the debris that popular metalcore and alt-rock have left behind. Luckily, they are a diamond in the rough that are constantly polishing their edges. Very soon you’ll see the shine you’re meant to see.

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