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Leslie Bowe-Something Right
Leslie Bowe-Something Right
Leslie Bowe-Something Right

Leslie Bowe-Something Right | To turn to good

Leslie Bowe has stories to tell through his songs. Raised on classic music from the 60’s, he has shared the stage with mastodons of the art form he admires. He has produced, recorded and sought inspiration. This is his latest EP, Something Right. Witness the poetry in motion.

With the voice of a country artist and lyrics like the great Leonard Cohen, Leslie Bowe extracts the art from simplicity. Using basic chord patters, he constructs songs that stay as a part of your psyche for a long time. A Little Kindness is a soulful song that uses a gracious balance of acoustic with electric phrasings. The beat is simple, and Leslie sings from the heart.

If the vehicle of R&B wants to travel, Stand is the tuned engine. With saxophone and funk improvisations, the Boyz 2 Men kind of delivery makes this song very different and off edge from the previous track. It is a whole other divide, making use of the silences to punctuate the lyrics. Like a ballad, it builds like a Whitesnake song as the beats and moments offset the soulful songs Leslie Bowe grew up listening to.

When music makes you smile

Returning to the country soul like James Taylor, Leslie performs Break Even. With a 4/4 he shifts the focus to the beautiful vocals he has recorded along with the resolution of telling a tale. This is a song that breathes and lives the moment-pacifying the erratic nature of one’s heart. His synths always do lesser work and yet stand out as a highlight in these tracks.

Carry It On reminds you the 4 tracks of straight fire Leslie Bowe has created. Gypsy and Colour of Sound boast very different sounds from the same artist. He has evolved and inculcated his experiences to bank on what is simple. Things people relate to. The harmonics play an important role in adding creative, confabulating dimensions to his effective songwriting.

The final track is the joyous title track. With a gospel essence, he reverberates the good and kindness he’s witnessed. Songs that would bring people together-singing it along. Something Right is Leslie Bowe reading the moment. Where the world has it rough, and people are looking for answers. A reason and meaning to be happy. Leslie might not have all the answers. At least he’s got something right.

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