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itsENJ-Doctor (ft. P Saint) | Needle in the groove

The hottest track for the summer might have eluded you. itsENJ and P Saint released a bomb track this May and you might have been on another wave. This is their single Doctor. What does it lack? Around double the song length for the amount of catchy that it is.

Doctor starts off like any other pop song, suddenly swinging to a style that is varied. It has some great production and engineering quality that is evident, and the songwriting. Simple, yet nuanced in using the right notes for the chorus, we have something definitive that people can groove to. The verse build is subtle and smooth, and the lyrical hook for the chorus is something that will play in your head all day. itsENJ makes it clear that his track contains the fire.

P Saint uses a different flavour, yet keeping the warmth of the original symphony. It swings back pretty easily to the main hook. Listen to itsENJ in his 2020 EP, Born on the Moon. Similar to this hot track that is blowing up on indie pop charts, this EP is a gem that hasn’t been explored enough. Listen to more of some lyrical and compositional brilliance with this artist:

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