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Distorise - Flow of Time
Distorise - Flow of Time

“Distorise” Illuminates the Beauty of the Future with Latest Release “Flow of Time”

Distorise is a producer and an electronic music artist. The way the artist wields darkness and dissonance in his soundscapes speaks to his unique artistic vision. With a focus on drum and bass, he loops post-modern and Neurofunk blends into uncommon rhythmic languages and patterns. The flowing lines of digital sonics combine to form a disorienting output that reveals a new perspective or at the very least, inspire a sense of wonder. “Distorise” has just released his sophomore single, “Flow Of Time”. The track is a perfect vehicle for futuristic minds as the artist explores, as he puts it, “the beauty of the dark future that is already here.”

The track is a universe within itself. Drawing from common themes and sonic concepts, it edges between the known and the unknown. Ricocheting bass lines are patterned by urgent beats which eventually becomes a string of evolving motifs. The artist employs a progressive distortion technique to involve the listener in the discovery. Its premonitive subtexts and tunneling sound leave a sharp aftertaste, proof of a brand new discovery. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Flow Of Time by Distorise here – 

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