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Kelsie Kimberlin-Road Trip-Summer Remix
Kelsie Kimberlin-Road Trip-Summer Remix
Kelsie Kimberlin-Road Trip-Summer Remix

Kelsie Kimberlin revives her pop hit in this fresh single, “Road Trip-Summer Remix”

Kelsie Kimberlin has dominated pop charts in the indie playing field. You would have heard at least one of her songs, somewhere. With relatable, catchy lyrics-she brings the best of indie pop to her tracks. The infectious energy is heard in every beat, the song becoming the mood for the season. This is a summer remix of her single, Road Trip. 

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A quicker, peppier step to the hit song

This mix puts quite the pep in the step. The groove is retained, but altered just enough for a cool summer drive song. Focusing on the production-the swelling beats and simple lyrics bring the energy to the fore. As the layers charge, you’ll hear yourself singing to this song almost immediately. The soothing synths in the background give the essence to the joyous song it is.

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An acoustic song that it once was, is revitalised and a new pulse races through the song. The American-Ukranian singer does a fantastic job at gauging the groove of the song to have this duality. It is definitely a number on your dance playlists. Kelsie Kimberlin is the energy to uphold, and as long as her music is playing you’ll move along. 

Cosmopolitan Girl, Spoof I Wonder are some of her hits, while others steadily climb the charts. Kelsie Kimberlin is still warming up, she surely has several tracks in the pipeline for her fans to enjoy. Listen to her Summer Remix of Road Trip here and follow her for more songs like this!:

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