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Broken Links-Konflix::Statez
Broken Links-Konflix::Statez
Broken Links-Konflix::Statez

Broken Links-Konflix::Statez | Electronic Dysmorphia

Broken Links have been prophetic about doom before many of us. Their bio explains the mantra that unites the band. There are no choices. Reimagining their 2021 album Conflict::States, Broken Links are back with a remixed, angrier and heavily EDM laden new album. Konflix::States has songs from their last year’s album remixed by some of the biggest DJs in the indie loop.

Pioneers opens the album up. With hard hitting beats and the vocals left to disorient, the remixing allows for spatial explosions that treat you to a new state of mind. The song is a redefined look at the third track in the original album, and adds a lot of depth bass and fresh beat wise.Nairod is peeling sides in this track that were previously not close to being felt.

Antibiolitics uses the power of 3D surround to create a cinematic vibe that is indescribable at moments. With ambient intensity the song enters, purpose in mind. Like Manson’s Antichrist Superstar or the power of industrial rock, this song mixes them all. It creates a powerful entrance for the distorted guitar as well, mirrored by the bass. There is almost an influence of dubstep in the middle of the song that makes it that much more nostalgic. Ellusio has pushed himself to find some new depth in the track.

A new biosphere of sound

Disconnect has been remodelled by Vorstell. Disconnect has the vocal originality of Manic Street Preachers, but this track has a different package of energy altogether. It soon turns into a beat-shake, with elements of dance and dubstep music layering cleverly to create a whirlpool of new sounds. Spatially, the aura of the song has not been compromised, only improvised upon.

T.T.O releases the uncaged demon of the track with this remix. Soma for Savages make this an ambient sound ecstatic ride, with a simple beat aiding the verse part. The chorus lies ripe for experimentation, where SoS release their creative dragon. The guitar sounds are complemented by some really powerful effects as well.

Replicas has the digitized excellence of As72. With powerful, lopping beats-the originality and sanctity of Replicas remains as the beats amplify the tempo and create a new atmosphere to sail over. Pale flourishes ever so often make it an accent from this DJ, preferring to not defile the powerful lyrics that the song has.

A deeper, trap vibe is set with the new Disconnect. Zeuskisss channels the best of house music and its contemporaries to create this track. The booming bass during the chorus is a dynamic difference compared to the original, with each track leading to completely new experimentation from each DJ. The choice is on the producer to keep the original essence of the track or to create their own.

Zealots is the last track on the album, and it is as heavily experimented on as can be. It creates almost a new song out of the whole track, with looping synths and phasers that travel between the brains hemispheres. It is an ode to what Broken Links are capable of and what each track can bring/squeeze out. The DJs have done an exceptional job in producing, creating an album that might not even bring parts of the old one.

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