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Anya Mia - Watching You
Anya Mia - Watching You

Anya Mia – Watching You | AI Embrace

Watching You, the latest release by southern Ontario / Toronto artist Anya Wassenberg aka Anya Mia, uses R&B and blues to sing about the moral dilemmas of artificial intelligence. Anya is a prolific writer who has been published and has written on a range of topics including society, global arts, entertainment, travel, pop culture, etc. The song is written as a love song from AI to humanity. Very much akin to Alexa which gives us things we claim we do not wish for but secretly do. There is some formidable lyric and songwriting on this track by Anya Mia.

A bassline with character greets us into the song with keys and flutes. Anya’s vocals enter singing about the marvels of human-made intelligence and its paradoxes. This is a blues song with the apt use of flute lines and piano by Anya. The song notes the invisible conspicuous nature of AI. It surrounds us but it can’t be seen. It knows all our desires, dreams, and hunger, pushing us into the web of endless commodity fetishism. Little would the founders of the blues knows that its idiom would one day be used to sing about AI.

The song is about four and a half minutes long and keeps you jiving with its retro pop sound and deep lyrics. Anya’s flute playing sets this song apart from others in similar genres. The drum by Nick Burson and bass by Geoff Burns fulfill their roles in playing the right parts which fit aptly into the song arrangement. The immortal blues musical dialect is appropriate to note the ever changes nature of social relations. Watching You is a blues-rooted R&B and retro-pop track which depicts the tentacles of AI with stunning wordsmithery and imagery.

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