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3 Lives
3 Lives

Derosnec – 3 Lives | Nuanced Storytelling 

Derosnec, Nina Helene Hirten’s multimedia audiovisual project, has released her new EP, ‘3 Lives,’ which is loaded with such high voltage performances and strong songwriting in each track of the record. The song addresses some of the most complicated themes in our society, and it is presented without any restrictions. To handle such topics in such a direct manner requires a bold heart and the necessary desire to instil major understanding in the minds of her audience. The goal is also conveyed through the arrangements, which has a powerful influence on our hearts and thoughts. The intense composition and compelling sounds on the record also help to define the writing, which is excellent to retain throughout.

Towers,’ the first song on the album, is an absolute beast. With the spirit of this powerful, well-written piece, I feel so charged with combating the daily grind. The song is a scathing indictment of national elites who choose to exploit their native people for petty gain. The song makes a strong statement on the wrongdoings and the power structure to which we are all bound. The composition already has such a strong concept, which is further enhanced by the high-spirited vocal delivery. The layout also aids to maintaining the pace. There are so many great rhythm changes that keep our ears engaged the entire time. The song also has a catchy chorus that grows in intensity as the song proceeds.

Nighttime in the Desert’, the next song, has a dreamy air to it. With such beautifully detailed lyricism, the song also takes us on a magnificent narrative that truly pulls you out and makes you visualise. The atmosphere is really relaxing, with a hint of the night sky’s majesty. The song is held together by a guitar riff that unifies all of the song’s sections. The music runs naturally with no hiccups and effortlessly transitions between verses. I really enjoyed the song’s usage of synth bass, which is both intense and playful at the same time. The feeling gets even more intense with the following progressive tune, ‘Shepherds’, which goes even deeper with excellent metaphors and life stories that are used to make such insightful remarks. The record’s narrative technique becomes one of the album’s centrepieces. The groove is one part of the music that gives excellent movement, and the subtle syncopation and changes in the grouping enable the song maintain its momentum for a long time. The vocal performance is captivating, drawing us into the song’s sonic framework with a sense of operatic delivery. As the song progresses, the guitar solo has a significant impact.

With the song ‘Save Me’, the album picks up a notch. She now looks into her inner nerves and tackles her warring emotions and ideas in such a precise manner in her writing that it truly connects with us. The song’s chorus screams for attention, and the inner anguish is clearly conveyed in the composition and singing, which is given a substantial depth in the song’s exhilarating progressive arrangement. The guitar equivalents would be one of the piece’s finest highlights, along with the ambient textures that fill the listening space with the desired feel. ‘Desire‘ is the next chapter in the tale. It’s incredible to see how she so delicately portrays such sensitive emotional inward journeys in oneself. She is truly amazing in her ability to take such complicated thoughts and express them with such clarity and simplicity. The writing essentially creates one character, who is then placed in several circumstances to reflect such complex emotional issues. We are also taken on a trip with the character, which helps us connect with the character as we begin to picture and feel for them. The arpeggiated textures are one of the production’s strengths, and they go perfectly with the tune.

The soundtrack concludes with an acoustic rendition of the song ‘Nighttime in the Desert’, which is a wonderful surprise. The sonic environment concludes on a bright, upbeat note, with guitars and drums leading the way. As the song proceeds, the tune begins to grasp you more tightly. For me, the writing on the record has such a meaningful effect, which is further highlighted by the performances. The arrangements were intense, and they fit in perfectly with the plot. It does give and make us feel precisely what she meant, and the fact that it ends with an ear appealing performance makes it all the more fulfilling. I’m hoping that the album will appeal to a wide range of people.

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