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Nadirah X | Nobody's Coming | Archaic Healing Anthem
Nadirah X | Nobody's Coming | Archaic Healing Anthem

Nadirah X – Nobody’s Coming | Archaic Healing Anthem!

Music has gone through a journey through the years as more and more inclusions have been made. Music has broadened its roof to accommodate so many genres and sub genres today that almost anything is music. There is a genre today for almost any sound you create. Its an amazing thing that our perception has also evolved and our minds that crave for something new is always being satisfied. Then again there are some songs that remind you that music doesn’t really change no matter how much time passes. When you hear an archaic track like this, without a doubt, everybody knows its music and that it is catchy and anthemic. This is the beauty of music. Just because there is new does not mean the old is obsolete. Nadirah X has proven this point by showing that no matter how many new genres are introduced or how much ever time passes, rhythm and poetry is a fundamental concept in music!

Observing and in some sense absorbing the chaos ensuing on the planet, Nadirah has released this latest single that talks about religion, violence, racism, classism and how irrelevant they are to our lives. No matter who you are or what you are, “Nobody’s Coming to save you! Nobody!”. The lyrics really strike a note because it’s one of the most sensible singles I have heard. It’s a really nice track that has imbibed the archaic yet fundamental element of rap music.

The single starts off with a vocal chorus and a nice guitar riff that gives off a country vibe and then Olaf Blackwood’s voice pierces through the mix, complimenting the country vibe. In between the amazing chorus ‘Nobody is coming to save you!’, Nadirah raps about all the social issues we are inflating instead of looking at whats really important and realizing that the world is taking a dark course and everyone is only thinking of themselves and not the collective anymore.

A song that is needed in these tough times and a really good one that too! Perfect pandemic music that shouts back at the people and hopefully gets some sense into a few listeners’ heads. A truly noble effort by the artist to actually use her music as a voice to speak out! That is by definition rap music if you ask me!

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