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i’m having problems getting dressed
i’m having problems getting dressed

Streetlight Eyes – i’m having problems getting dressed | Positive Aroma

Andrew Bailey, aka Streetlight Eyes, from Minneapolis, has released a new flavorful single called “i’m Having Problems Getting Dressed“.  Evelyn Staats contributes vocals to the tune. In the song, she sounds simply gorgeous. The song would appeal mostly due of its ear-pleasing tones and the song’s overall cheerfulness. With such relatable images from relationships, the writing is also very comforting and warms our hearts. The tune evokes feelings of being in a stunningly beautiful equation. The vocal performances fully support the atmosphere that is created by the composition and the incorporation of such delicate components in the production. The atmosphere is unquestionably one of the most appealing aspects.

I appreciated the concepts that were included into the kick and bass patterns, which have a constant influence as well as a few subtle complexities that keep the groove fresh and distinguish the song from others in the genre. The song’s warmth is added by the long sustained pads, which truly delivers the intended mood into the sound space. The keys blend in perfectly with the ambience. All of these small details in the manufacturing add to the overall experience. As we approach the chorus, the tone is so lighthearted that we feel so happy and hopeful. The songs’ optimistic tones would undoubtedly attract a large number of listeners, appealing to lovers of many genres.

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