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Silhouettes (album) – Burn The Louvre | Energy

When I listened to the latest album, “Silhouettes” by Burn The Louvre, I just knew I had to talk about it– since there is a lot of music that this album brings to the fore, and manages to sound diverse yet cohesive and congruent. Keep reading for my review of “Silhouettes”.

The album is packed with energy from the first second of the first track, all the way to its end– and the title track is a package of soulful songwriting coupled with catchy guitar riffs and overall excellent instrumentation. The production is great and evoked no complaints from me at all over the time that I was listening to it both for enjoyment and critically– when I was writing this review. There is good space in all of the mixes, and the instruments all have their own space to breathe, thrive and make their mark on the listener’s ears.

Some special mentions from the album include “Wish We Were”, “Easy”, and “Dumb”; all rather nice sounding songs with their own distinct identities that yet still sound uniquely together, manifesting as “Silhouettes”. The vocals across the album are uniformly engaging, with no particular low points that I could pick up on; in fact, quite the contrary I’d say, with the delivery staying consistent and going from one height to another over the course of the album. I loved the relationship, the harmony between the instruments standing out to me as a beautiful thing.

To wrap it up, I think “Silhouettes” is a great album for anybody looking for a nice set of earworms this week, and I was left thoroughly impressed at the end, as well as am now, while I write this review. Check out “Silhouettes” by Burn The Louvre here!

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