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Ukulele MJ-Harmony
Ukulele MJ-Harmony
Ukulele MJ-Harmony

Ukulele MJ brings us together with instrumental goodness in “Harmony”

Ukulele MJ has her weapon of choice for some time now. She has used it as an extension of her thoughts for so long, many times she is conversing through the instrument itself. Though she has released incredible tracks that show her virtuosic range and knowledge of the instrument-she is just getting started. This is her latest single, called Harmony.

With a lush cascade of simple chords, she begins the tale with a two change progression. Memorable songs are often times the simplest, and Ukulele MJ characterizes that with a vigor and intensity. As the ukulele progression is assisted with guitar notes as well, the tenor of each is felt with the choice of notes. If you’re in the mood to recede into something that slows time down, this track will most certainly do it.

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Ukulele utopia

The curtain becomes denser, strums echoing through the silence. The choral representations in the background add fairy dust to something that already dissipated any sign of a break within the arrangement. It is a fantastic single by an artist who knows how and when to embellish, preserve and embody the spirit of music. Harmony will show you that Ukulele MJ is the kind of musician that frames experiences into tangible progressions. 

Her 2022 single Limbo is also worth exploring for its melodic chapters and instances. There is no doubt this single has its own charm and will forge her way into the stellar instrumentalist she is on the way to become. Listen to her single here and follow her for ore music like this!

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