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Living Pictures - Crossing The Bridge
Living Pictures - Crossing The Bridge

“Crossing The Bridge” by “Living Pictures” Makes Astounding Electro Connections between Reality and Imagination

Living Pictures is a Portland and D.C. based duo of driven artists and multi-instrumentalists. Reif Larsen and Andrew Perreault showcase the diverse nature of the thin spaces that exist between the realm of reality and imagination. Using performative electronics and synths, they orchestrate cinematic ambiences that elevate the experiences of daily life with ethereal sensibilities. “Living Pictures” has just released their debut album, “Crossing The Bridge”. Its nine tracks lure us into a new world where the familiar meets the fantastic. 

The album opens with Persistent Dreams. Its sheer fabric is knitted delicately with gossamer pulses of melodies. The orbs of piano sounds are tied to deeper and dimensional synths in the backdrop. Its mellow and laid back surrealism sets the stage for the rest of the album. Next up, we have Disbelief. The mournful bass lines form an ominous archway, introducing the theme. And the track evolves astoundingly, slowly growing in loudness, textures and tempo. All that is laid out in the intro is enlarged with punching beats and vibrant synth grooves. 

No Headlights follows with boomeranging basslines. The artists truly harness the power and impact of the bass textures, employing it to feed the superimposed synths. This track shows off their innovation and fluid sound design. It seems as though intuitively construed, with a unique beat rhythm and stellar sound treatment. The Sleepwalker has a melting sound. Its classical bass notes have a naturally soothing appeal to it. Lilting and restful, flowing effortlessly to form graceful sequences. 

Crystal Palace is the next track. Its crisp and sparkling synths instantly bring out the theme. Layered with thick basslines and pulsing sound imprints, it is two-faced. Moments of clarity are succeeded by fuzzy bass overloads. The Harbor has a dilated evocation and delayed pick up. Soft classical melodies bleed through the clear backdrop, joined by stick clicks. The artists progressively zoom into the soundscape to reveal the finer sounds of synths and earthy beats. 

Biodome marks the beginning of the final stage of the album. Fluttering with bird songs, it is amazing to experience the well-orchestrated synth swell and its frolicking freshness. Driving In Snow has a sound screen that is constantly transformed. Windy basslines revise and improve the rhythm, textures, and the feel of the song. Convergence concludes the album with super melodies and their dissonant subtexts. Heavy piano chords trigger the domino effect, calling shimmering and pleasantly pitched sound details into action.

The album is available for streaming on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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