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Instagram Algorithm 2023
Instagram Algorithm 2023

Decoding 2023 Instagram Algorithm – How to Grow as a Creator on IG?

Hey there, my fellow musicians! Trying to decode the instagram algorithm yet again in 2023? Are you also feeling the frustration of navigating this ever-changing algorithm? We already have enough on our plates considering the insane amount of work we put into our music?

I mean, yes of course we love making music. I don’t think there is anything more satisfactory than the journey from that spark of an idea to the final release. But we also can’t deny all the blood, sweat, and tears we pour into promotions, it’s no joke! And, Instagram is a legit platform for getting our music out there, but that algorithm is like a shape-shifting ninja! One minute you’re reaching tons of people, and the next… poof… it’s like you’re invisible.

But hey, worry not, my friends! Here are some killer tips to help you stay ahead of the game and tame that unpredictable Insta algorithm in 2023. So buckle up, grab your favorite instrument, and let’s ride this wild wave together!

What is the Instagram Algorithm?

First things first, let’s talk about what the Instagram algorithm actually is. It’s essentially a set of processes that Instagram uses to understand what users like and show them more of that content. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t just one all-powerful algorithm. Each section of Instagram, whether it’s Reels, Stories/Feed, or Explore, has its own algorithm.

So, how does the Instagram algorithm work in 2023? Well, each section of Instagram has a different algorithm that uses various signals to predict what users will like and prioritize in their feeds. These signals can range from user engagement (likes, comments, shares) to interaction history (past interactions with the account or person) and even the quality of the content itself.

Let’s dive into how the algorithm works for different sections of Instagram:

  • Instagram Reels algorithm: Reels are all the rage right now, and the algorithm behind them aims to prioritize entertaining, funny, and inspiring videos. Factors such as user engagement, interaction history, content quality, and the popularity of the person posting the Reel play a role in determining its reach.
  • Instagram Feed and Story algorithm: The Feed and Stories sections prioritize content from friends, family, and close connections. The algorithm considers factors like the popularity of the content, interaction history with the account, user activity, and the content itself (likes, comments, recency, tags, etc.). Engaging with posts through likes, comments, shares, or profile taps also influences the ranking.
  • Instagram explore page algorithm: The Explore page uses your past interactions and the accounts you follow to suggest new posts and accounts that align with your interests. The algorithm again looks at factors such as the popularity of a post, your interaction history with that profile, and the content itself to curate your Explore page.

Here is a video of the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, explaining some points about the algorithm :

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Cracking The Algorithm : Proven Strategies to Boost Engagement

Now that we know the basics of the Instagram algorithm, it is evident that Instagram wants its audience to spend more time on the platform, and hence wants to make each user’s experience with the platform as pleasant as possible. Naturally, it has an algorithm which favors more engagement. Let’s discuss some tips to make it work to our advantage in 2023. Below are some proven ways of generating engagement :

  • Post consistently, keeping reels as a priority : Consistency is key when it comes to the algorithm. It is important to remember that the audience is not shown too many posts from one account in a row. But the algorithm also weighs on how often people are engaging with your posts. Hence consistency remains crucial to keep the algorithm working in your favour.

You, as a musician, have to experiment with what content type works the best for you and your audience. Like for someone, carousel posts are known to create a lot of engagement for some people.

Another piece of good news for musicians is that static photos are making a triumphant comeback on the platform . Photos are like the secret weapon to promote your brand image. They’re the ultimate way to showcase your unique style and personality. You can once again use this feature to convey your brand image effectively. However, it’s no secret that reels currently dominate the Instagram landscape.

For reels you should also post them to your stories. Your story views also add to the number of views on your reel.

Furthermore, stories are what help you maintain a consistency and remain on top of your followers’ feed all the time. Requiring little to no effort, stories serve as a highly effective tool for engaging with the audience and consistently sharing updates.

  • Use Catchy Captions : Your caption should effectively convey the message of your content or pique the curiosity of your followers, compelling them to pause and explore further. Furthermore, utilizing relevant hashtags, keywords, and alt text assists in increasing the discoverability of your content to relevant audiences.
  • Ignite meaningful conversations and foster engagement : As I said above,  engagement is what the Instagram algorithm looks for. Try to always have a Call to Action (CTA) in your posts. Example, urge your followers to like, comment, share, or tag someone who would enjoy the content. Ask questions, use story stickers, polls etc. to prompt specific actions from your followers. 

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  • Post when your followers are active: Timing plays a role in the algorithm’s perception of your content’s popularity. Use Instagram’s analytics to determine when your followers are most active and schedule your posts accordingly to maximize early engagement. This signals the algorithm that the post is getting popular and hence promotes it further.

Instagram app already provides you the data on when your followers are most active. 

Open the app > go to your profile > tap “Professional Dashboard” > tap “See all” next to Account insights > tap “total followers” > scroll down to “Most Active Times”

  • Regularly review your analytics: Make it a habit to check your Instagram insights on a regular basis. By analyzing your data consistently, you can identify patterns and trends in engagement, you can track what kind of posts are gaining maximum traction and plan  your content accordingly. For instance, you may discover that your behind-the-scenes content is gaining more popularity among your audience compared to the cover videos you have posted. This valuable insight helps you understand what your audience desires from you and enables you to cater to their preferences more effectively.

Remember, for you as a musician your main priority is to attract an audience that will listen to your music. So don’t focus on turning into a content generating machine. It is crucial to stay true to your artist brand and keep that in mind while crafting your content. So, make sure your content is in line with your music and appeals to those who dig your style. Quality content has always been the key and nobody can change that. Don’t overwhelm your followers with stuff that doesn’t go with your artist brand. Stay focused, be creative, and deliver something that resonates with your fans. That’s how you’ll build a loyal and engaged following who will be eagerly waiting for your next release.

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