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Romain Gutsy-Lany
Romain Gutsy-Lany
Romain Gutsy-Lany

Romain Gutsy paints a pretty picture of “Lany”, a riveting melody

Romain Gutsy is a rock n roll guy. His songwriting style is inspired by the 90s, and also from the golden 70s. The melodies he writes might be old school, but he doesn’t shy away from new techniques. Like Tom Petty’s tunes, each song tells another story, straight from the heart. This is his latest single, Lany, featuring Marc Bentel. 

The slow chugging and his baritone open this track. The chords and transitions have a tinge of the Spaghetti Western country world. This image that entrances him is an enigma, but the tale is fresh in his mind. His voice takes control of the audio space, as you sing along to the harmonics. As he scats, you find yourself smiling, of a musician’s pedigree that seems to have passed. It is a joyful song, it would remind you of some Beatles’ goodness as well. The tones in the guitar and crisp notes are clearly heard, for you to swing along to this mesmerizing song. The synth is a great touch to this song, the flourishes really stand out, all the way till the end. Romain Gutsy sure knows how to paint a picture of someone you would have never seen before.

His honesty in music and song crafting has got him quite a few streams on his popular songs. Trouble and Delicious, Frenchy Boy remain favourites for their catchy hooks. This is a musician who is ready to fold the envelope to write something new. Nothing follows a pattern, but it is all his style. Listen to his incredible song here:

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