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Young Fatigue-I Want (Everything)
Young Fatigue-I Want (Everything)
Young Fatigue-I Want (Everything)

Young Fatigue-I Want (Everything) | Claim the stage

Young Fatigue has made a name for itself, by their own guitar wielding, chaos creating merit. Their songs are catchy, quick numbers that get to the point and are headbanging magnets. Real purveyors of the art form, they have a following and a catalogue to share. This is their new single, I Want (Everything).

Charged with inertia in their verses, they build to loud, heavy choruses that the crowd can jump to. This track is no different, pushing their boundaries in writing lyrics and technical fluidity. Dislocation has been a fan favorite now for some time, and this is going to climb the charts in the same pace. The verse section features some spaced out strings, so when the compression and distortion hits, you can allow all hell to break lose.

This isn’t their first rodeo. After the success of Dislocation, Am I Pretty Now? and Top 10 Anime Betreyals, they’ve found a powerful sound signature. The vocals have been nailed, the drum sound has reached a crispness never heard before, and Young Fatigue are on their way to the top. Making their mark with blistering sound has never been this easy, and this band have the energy.

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