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Vincent Baur - CANDID
Vincent Baur - CANDID

Vincent Baur – CANDID | Fresh Ambience

Vincent Baur is an Alt-Rock artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His sound varies, really, from alternative rock to ambient pop. While he’s only just started releasing music, he’s always had an affinity for it. He cites Phil Collins as the reason that he does what he does as he started out as a drummer. Since his acceptance into Berklee College of Music in 2019, he has worked strenuously towards building a career in music. His latest EP, CANDID, is a four-track banger with a total run-time of about 19 minutes.

Kicking the EP off is Self Help, a song that pretty much sums itself up in the title. With ambient tones set by the piano and guitar, Vincent Baur really knows how to set the mood. His beats are groovy, almost swing-like with a load of emotion. His music is very expressive, giving us a glimpse into his psyche. Vincent’s songwriting is also significantly better than most people at this stage. He creates a soft ambience and atmosphere with a Radioheadesque timbre that is extremely uncanny. Self Help is a great start to the EP with so many elements that bring up so many emotions.

Moving on to Blaeberry Lady, we witness Vincent’s affinity for guitar as it leas the track. The two guitar lines are starkly different but work so well together. It sounds like an acoustic laying down the rhythm while an electric guitar layers in bits of a melody. Vincent Baur manages this brilliantly with his vocals. Moreover, he packs each note with so much emotion. He’s dynamically adept with how he brings in different elements at different volumes to create what feels like a warm blanket of tones. Additionally, his ability to capture emotion in it is simply superb.

Netflix and the Death of Creativity is an even more ambient track. Initially, released as a single, but later added to the EP, this track really plays with your emotions. You’re just immersed in a sea of tones that really know how to make you feel every emotion on that sad boi playlist. The piano, drums, guitar and this overwhelming wave of a tone immerse you in so many intense emotions that you feel almost paralysed, fixed to the sounds. It’s like when you look at something that captures your attention and you can’t take your eyes off of it. Vincent Baur has, certainly, got the substance, talent, and so much more in his music.

The final track on the EP, Song for a Car, is a song full of swing. The track is rather groovy when compared to the rest of the EP. It still captures that load of emotion that you look for and even more so. Vincent is just too good at creating songs that will take over your soul. His music is sure to give you goosebumps and take you down an emotional joyride. This track is perfect for the lazy, sunny afternoons when you just want to relax with a glass of lemonade. Moreover, you can’t help but take a step back and relax when you listen to this track.

Vincent Baur is here to create music that is simply unmatched. If you’re looking for that sad indie vibe, then he’s the man for you.

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