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Matt DeAngelis Speak For A Moment
Matt DeAngelis Speak For A Moment
Matt DeAngelis Speak For A Moment

Matt DeAngelis’ Indie Pop Journey of Hope With ‘Speak For A Moment’

Matt DeAngelis, the 24-year-old indie pop artist from Southern New Jersey, USA, has released his latest track, “Speak For A Moment.” This captivating song is a blend of indie pop and cinematic prog rock, showcasing DeAngelis’ multifaceted talent and his dedication to spreading positivity in a world often overshadowed by challenges.

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From a young age, DeAngelis has used his music as a means to battle his own OCD/anxiety disorder, channeling his energy into creating melodies that inspire and uplift. He intends to push a valuable message in his music, touching on pressing issues like climate change and mental health. DeAngelis has also taken up storm chasing to raise awareness about climate change.

The song opens with a cascade of rich synths and symphonic sections, instantly enveloping listeners in a sense of ethereal beauty. As the piano and well-rounded bass lines join the arrangement, the track gains momentum, leading to shining, searing guitar lines that add depth and texture. DeAngelis’ vocal harmonies are nothing short of remarkable, invoking a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the legendary Elton John. The mid-tempo rock rhythm keeps the momentum steady, allowing the listener to fully absorb the heartfelt lyrics that encourage hope and connection. DeAngelis’ ability to seamlessly weave his personal struggles into a universal message is commendable, making “Speak For A Moment” a genuine and relatable anthem.

“Speak For A Moment” is a melodic journey that combines introspection with a call for collective action, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration.

We get to speak to Matt about the song and more.

1. Your sound is reminiscent of Elton John and even progressive rock music. Can you tell us about your journey as a musician, starting from when you first began making music at the age of 8 to where you are now as an indie pop and cinematic prog rock artist?
My journey began when I was exposed to the songs on the piano at a young age by my father, who is a professional musician, and my mother, who was a poet for many years. Both of my parents influenced me from a young age to the music I am influenced by today and now reflect in my songwriting. The first several songs I wrote from a young age were on the piano in my bedroom. I can still remember writing these songs from a very young age to this day. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I began to perform live and have continued to perform live more frequently today. I have performed many cover and original songs over the past several years and have joined a cover band which plays throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for the past couple years. I am continuing to record my original songs in the studio and plan on releasing more singles in the near future. My music career is quite busy today between performing often, writing new songs, recording in the studio with production, and even making piano tutorials for the public on my youtube channel.
2. Your music has a strong focus on spreading a positive outlook in a world filled with challenges. How has your personal experience with OCD/anxiety disorder influenced your music and message?
I was first diagnosed with a severe OCD and anxiety disorder at a very young age and have been through many trials and tribulations throughout my life thus far. However, this has shaped my creativity and mindset as a songwriter in many ways. I came to find out that songwriting is one of the only outlets in my life where I can release my struggles and frustrations into song. My relationship with God has also become closer because of this disorder, as I often incorporate a positive message within all my songs at some point. While this disorder has been quite difficult to endure, I believe it has helped me become a better songwriter and experienced musician who continues to grow today.
3. As a storm chaser, how do you use this unique perspective to raise awareness about climate change? How does it tie into your music and mission?
I have always been incredibly fascinated by meteorology and began taking storm chasing very seriously several years ago. Since this time, I have not only developed a wide range weather photography portfolio, but also filmed and documented one of New Jersey’s strongest and most significant tornadoes in record history in 2021. My footage was seen on many global news stations throughout the world, and most notably helped me land a segment on the Weather Channel’s hit show “Deadline to Disaster.” I was featured on this show and told about my experience with the destructive tornado, also raising awareness to the changing climate and how we should all be encouraged to take action in order to make our planet a safer place. Aside from the national recognition my footage received, I was able to raise awareness of this rare occurrence and help encourage the public to take action in our changing climate. This is also one of the main topics I write about in my songs today and am creating new ways to incorporate my storm chases into my future music videos and changing climate in my songwriting to promote a positive change in the world.
4. Your music is known for its rich synths, symphonic sections, and great vocal harmonies. How do you approach crafting these elements to create such a beautiful and unique sound?
Thank you so much for appreciating that! While I am the main songwriter to all of my songs I have written, my father, who is also a professional musician and composer, is vital in the production of my songs in the studio. We often go in the studio with the mindset of making the song richer as we record, adding parts over time. It may take time to listen and digest what has been recorded in order to add more parts at a later date, but this is how the unique sound is created. I am always open to input from my mother, father, and producers in the studio, as their ears hear different parts that I may not be hearing. I believe all contributions have been and continue to be imperative and vital in developing my unique sound as an artist.

5. The combination of piano, well-rounded bass lines, and shining guitar lines is a hallmark of your style. Can you share your creative process when incorporating these different elements into your songs?
The creative process is quite complex at times, especially since we may all have different ideas and suggested parts to the songs in our heads ahead of time even before recording. However, I have to credit the exceptional musicians I hire. I like to give my musicians creative freedom when recording, as I feel this often creates some of the best music in the studio. My style has been created based on not only my songwriting, but from the musicians I have hired that make the songs what they are today.
6. Themes like climate change and mental health are close to you. How do you balance addressing these important issues while still creating a captivating and enjoyable listening experience for your audience?
While I have always had a plethora of interests from a young age, there is no limit as to what I am able to compose and include in my songwriting. These themes have become staples in my lyrics. My goal as a songwriter is to put a positive spin on whatever I am writing about, especially towards the end of the song. While it may seem like I am writing about something darker or bleak, I always include light at the end of the tunnel. Being a professional musician and singer-songwriter, while also spending time as a storm chaser and advocating for mental health can be quite challenging at times. However, I am continuing to work on my time management and giving my audience captivating and enjoyable listening experiences.
7. As a 24-year-old musician from Southern New Jersey, what challenges and opportunities have you faced in the indie music scene? What else are we to look forward to from you?
With success comes challenge and hardship that I have had to grow and learn from since beginning my music career. It has been somewhat of a challenge to get my original songs heard from more people, yet I have grown as a songwriter and performer in the process. I am making a name for myself in the Mid-Atlantic region when performing and continuing to grow my presence online as both a songwriter and performer. There are always new opportunities I am looking for to grow my career for the better. In the near future, I will be releasing more singles with new music videos, collaborating once again with the great Richie Cannata, the original saxest from Billy Joel’s original band. I will also continue to become a better advocate for mental health, climate change via my storm chasing endeavors, while continuing to hone my craft as a  professional musician/singer/songwriter.
8. Could you go through the composition and production process for the song?
The production process for “Speak For A Moment” took several months of recording in the studio to ensure that all parts worked harmonically. The production process is never easy, but I am determined to make the song the best it can be, using my parents and producers for both musical and mental support. In terms of its composition, I wrote “Speak For A Moment” to exemplify my determination of living in the present and fulfilling desires to make a difference in the world. There is limited time for us to do so, being how abrupt and exponential life truly is. I believe that everyone carries the potential to change the world for the better, but one must speak and break their silence for that potential to be unlocked. I wrote this song towards the very beginning of the pandemic, where my inspirations stemmed from initially. It was almost as if I felt imprisoned on Earth with the unrest during this time, so my desire to create change expressed itself through writing. I hope this song can provide inspiration for all, especially to those who have not yet realized their significance on Earth.

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