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Fish and Scale-Stay!
Fish and Scale-Stay!
Fish and Scale-Stay!

Fish and Scale brings the soul to folk with his latest emotional single, “Stay!”

There is a magic about Fish and Scale, that you can’t place a finger on. His exploration through melodies and songwriting is constantly evolving and becoming something of his own niche. If you step into his cave, the echoing sound and paintings are extraordinary. This is a man at work all the time, conversing through music. This is his latest single, Stay!

When you approach folk rock or folk in general, it is an infusion of many styles. As an artist, Fish and Scale likes to challenge his sound, his single now might sound nothing like the last album. However, he does maintain a rock riffs phrasing, ironed out to be this emotional backboard. As he sings over this, layers collude and create quite the mosaic of sounds, where creative chord progressions create something new. When the piano works with the acoustic, it is like seeing fairy dust in Neverland. It speaks in volumes, sustaining emotion wherever necessary. Understanding the phrasing and structure of a song-this becomes a prime example of it. The beat and percussion remains something that is soft, a pillowy touch to it. Fish and Scale wants you to hear a story like a fable, a muse you’d want to obsess about. 

From his 2012 album Straight Ahead, this musician has been spreading his wings far and wide. With simpler, more matured songwriting, it is no surprise each of his songs initiate another emotion. His 2021 album, You Can Call Me Love is another textural foundation that you can see many layers and styles in. Follow him for more dreamy music like this and listen to Stay! here:

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