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Raie - This Music Thing
Raie - This Music Thing

Raie – This Music Thing | Expressionist

Based in London, but originally from Scotland, Raie, began her music career at a rather late stage in life. However, this did not stop her from performing and working with various recognised names in the industry. Her album, This Music Thing is a 52-minute long album with 11 tracks to keep you entertained.

Raie brings back Country with style in her music, giving her audience smooth vibes throughout. The album kicks off on Healin’ Train, a song that develops as it goes along and keeps your foot tapping along. Her lyrics are cathartic and her vocals absolutely soothe your soul with the sweet, easy-going tone. Moreover, the guitars have that classic country rock tone made famous by bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd. This expressionistic sound carries on in the titular track This Music Thing as well. Its full sound sort of fills up all the spaces while Raie’s vocals hit all the right notes. This track kind of reminds me of some good old Americana Country that seemingly fits any mood.

We also see Raie explore more melancholic and darker themes in songs like Rebekah’s Lullaby and Blackbird – For Liam. While these tracks are not entirely sad, per se, the tones they carry are on the darker side of things. It’s intriguing to note how she explores emotions with her tones and how easily she navigates them. While she slows down the tempo, I particularly enjoy the backing vocals and how they complement her lead. Additionally, the instruments create a sort of bedrock for the rest of the tones to accentuate. The guitar work on each track is impeccable.

Similarly, in tracks like Pegasus and National TV, we hear this really downtempo beat that somehow manages to keep things light. It’s amazing how Raie can create this vibe that will have you swaying back and forth while you listen along. The guitars, rhythm and slide sound heavenly as they converse with Raie’s sweet vocals. Lena’s Song manages to create a vibe that comforts you while also being melancholic. I think I enjoy how well she fills in the spaces in all her tracks – using backing vocals and layered guitars. It reminds me of the trend in 70s and 80s Power Ballads and how they used that chorus feature really well.

Melody For Ruth and The Trial of Ruby Bates have a more dreamy atmosphere which keeps things fresh with newer tones. However, I must say that Raie knows how to write a melody line with the most interesting chordal tendencies. Her ability to navigate through the music both melodically and rhythmically gives her an edge in crafting stories from her songs. The dynamics on these tracks create a versatile track with a rollercoaster of emotions attached to it.

For Jasmine – A Ghost Story is this eerie track that somehow showcases the strength and power in Raie’s voice better than any other track. From the intro to when the beat kicks in, we’re met with a powerful vocal display. Once the drums and bass kick in, you hardly even notice them because of how mesmerising her vocals are. Finally, Ahzia ends the album in yet another melancholic tone. Something about the lonely piano speaks volumes about the album and how it’s so full but ends on this almost empty track. Once the backing vocals come in, though, it doesn’t seem so lonely anymore.

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