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Polsky - Song For The Silver Surfer
Polsky - Song For The Silver Surfer

Polsky – Song For The Silver Surfer

Polsky catalogs the tenderness of living and loving. Their music is redolent of melodic Bowie meets Nick Drake meets Elton John. Tinted with vintage nostalgia and futuristic imagery, their sound explores the emotional quotient of the collective human conscience. Polsky has just released their new single, Song For The Silver Surfer. 

The track is a conceptual masterpiece. It chronicles a story of elderly lovers who cope with the changing world. Bending time with an overdose of melancholy, the classical-pop takes on a dreamy musicality. The romance of the melody weaves suspend all sense of reality. It rolls into the soothing valley of the vocals. And just as you’re getting used to the acoustic lull of the piano and guitar and the affecting lines of violins and trumpets, an orchestral crescendo lands us in the sentimental throes of the climax. 

POLSKY has evolved from the bedroom electro-pop project of Kris Warren (vocals, guitar) to a fully-formed, indie-pop band with Senior Synth Architect, Ben Warn on the keyboards, Rhythm Logistics Engineer, Alex Robertson on the drums and Low Frequency Systems Analyst Chris Norman on the bass. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Song For The Silver Surfer by Polsky here – 

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