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Trady-October 17th
Trady-October 17th
Trady-October 17th

Trady-October 17th | A recollection

Trady might be a relatively new artist. However, his work possesses a finesse that isn’t achieved by many in decades. Loss, love and longing has helped him mold and craft an album that will be inscribed as his legacy forever. This is his 2021 album, October 17th. It is drenched with the aim and creative output for the new helmsman.

After opening with an explosive, well-crafted intro, Trady gets straight onto Cooking. With an infectious beat and percussive attack, Trady gets on to highlighting the craft of creating and making-in a troubled time. Dealing with a lot on his plate, this artist compartmentalises his stories to create webbed dystopias and paradises. After a short skit with conversational balm, Porl makes way into the fore.

Leading the beat

Collaborating with Paul Mcgee and Elliot Smith, the strafe gun speed delivery is a commentary on a character. With his own vices and faults, this is someone that is a silver lining with a sharp contrast. Using a simple beat, the lyrics steal the spotlight, truly creating a whirlpool of talent.

A much mellower vibe is searched for with Wired on life. With his styles and explorations, Trady states how amped and ready is for whatever life throws at him. He’s prepared and will take each challenge on with panache. Surgery is a heavier track that is next on the set. Like a journal, this artist has encapsulated two troubled years that have taught him a lot, given and taken from him.

Coloured in red is a mild transition into a pop track. Trady makes an attempt to change the texture of the album in this track, and it is a welcome change. Allowing a mix with his hip-hop approach, this track is a fun one. No mercy was released as a single earlier last year. It has a great chorus and some of Trady’s best lyrics in his work combined. There is a flow he has achieved in this track that isn’t heard often.

Conversing with memories

No offence sees another collaboration with Bizarre this time. It is a catchy number, with the dynamics of both the artists shown as their own gems. The tempos are naturally diverse, and gives way to a unique song. With lo-fi inspiration, Voices in my head is the next track. It has a full, enveloping sound. The remix creates several layers that the original missed. Running crushes a definitive pop song with the rapper doing his fair share of adding the spices. It is a track that is a radio rocker, and must be treated as such.

Making me lie and Different close out this album that has told us a tale. Of loss, pain and anger- this artist has formed an edge during the pandemic that has been chiseled from the dearth of moments. He has encapsulated his tragedies and joys in a powerful album, which will be remembered. By him and us.

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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