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King Kismet | Wounded healer | Ponder, dont wander | electronic
King Kismet | Wounded healer | Ponder, dont wander | electronic

King Kismet – Wounded Healer | Ponder! Dont Wander!

King Kismet has a beautiful story behind his name. After seeing ODESZA live in 2018 the project King Kismet came into alignment with the idea that we are capable of creating our own reality, thus becoming the King of our own destiny. WOW! Music is a tool to create worlds in people’s minds and to create an experience for everyone to share. Immersive music that leaves you pondering in the middle of a raging dance floor.

King Kismet is Phoenix, Arizona based Producer and DJ Garett Pierre Rogers’ alter ego. His music is a combination of pop, future bass and melodic dubstep or so he says. It makes you ponder as to what his genre is! Isn’t that itself an interesting genre? One that makes you guess every time. It’s basically the ability of an electronic music producer today has expanded beyond genres because of the availability of tools and instruments to accomplish the same.

Wounded Healer is like a tribute to the old school EDM that I used to bump on the way and back from school. Amazing vocal introduction that also acts as the main story line taking you through the track. In Wounded Healer, the vocals are really on point and even carry on into the drop but full modulated of course. Very nice arrangement and overall production because all the elements sound just tight and right!

The break in the track is a really nice effect and is an opportunity for Kismet to show his prowess over percussions that just seep in after the break. It is what I feel is a really nice touch to the track. The amount of time and care he has taken to get the percussions right. The melodies do the trick and space the listener out and leaves them to ponder. A really good solid track from King Kismet that you should all check out!

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