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Chris Caulfield – Feelings (Remix) | Thrilling

Chris Caulfield, a musician from Toronto, has released a new song called ‘Feelings.’ The original version had such strong writing and a powerful performance. The vocals, in particular, are so powerful that they create an impact and leave a lasting memory after the song is over. Chris Caulfield just released a remix version of the song with a totally different space from the original. StoneBridge is credited for the remix. This rendition would certainly get us moving. In this upbeat mode, the song is quite enjoyable to listen to. The tight beat and usage of side chained synth tones lend a lot of intensity to the track. However, the songwriting is given its own space, which helps to retain the song’s excellence.

I enjoyed how, even though the remix version differs from the original piece, it is still well-structured. The builds and drops are effective, resulting in a positive mood. As they groove to the tune, the listeners will appreciate the music’s atmosphere and will also interact with the tale in the writing. The audio production components are very pleasing to the ear. Tonally, the kick, bass, and synthetic textures sound fantastic, and they’re all well-planned, giving the production a lot of movement. The remix version, in my opinion, has its own distinct features that provide a new dimension to an already excellent sounding music, which is noteworthy.

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